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Susan Levin's work "So Much Character" is featured in two new books

Susan's painting entitled "So Much Character," an oil piece, is featured in the 2014 American Art Collector book.

The same painting is also in the New Washington Project for the Arts book, the 2013/2014 directory.


Susan Levin's art is featured on

Visit to view Susan Levin's featured artwork and read what she has to say about her art:

What is that sound? It's the horn honking outside my door and the raindrops tapping so hard on the window that I want to run outside and feel the rainwater against my face and body. But, I can't. I'm heading out west for a vacation to see the great expanse of the pacific coast, with all of its hues, to take daily excursions to places I've never seen before... More

The event is from 7 to 11pm on July 25th.


Susan Levin's art display at Menlo Park Funding

Susan is displaying nine of her paintings at the office of Jeffrey Lobel at Menlo Park Funding in Rockville, MD. For more information about the pieces, please feel free to contact Susan.


Susan featured on Artspecifier website!

Susan was chosen as "Artist of the Day" on! Several of her pieces were featured, including Red, Hot and Not Bothered, Softness & Light, Pockets of Light, and Wheatfield, which was a finalist in the Infinity Art Gallery exhibit.

The mention was followed by an autobiographical blurb from Susan herself:

I want to evoke emotion and conversation with my work...whether it is the color or the subtlety of a piece or a feeling that is felt from the viewer, it is with pride and passion that I create so that I can express my mood, my thoughts and my being through my artwork.

Often my pieces are an abstract interpretation of real life experiences. Embellishing my photographs or painting a canvas is a way for me to create new work by playing with what is sometimes clearly before my eyes or sometimes what is pereived through the lens -- or a combination of the two.

I love art -- I love what I do -- and I hope you enjoy looking at my work as well...I hope to hear from you soon.