Meet Susan

As a painter and digital photographer, I work hard to create pieces that evoke emotion and conversation. While my paintings and photographs are an expression of my moods, they are also an abstract interpretation of real life experiences. I interpret my dreams and often paint what I dream and I embellish my photos with the use of the computer.

Creating new work is a form of playing and designing what is often clearly before my eyes and sometimes what is simply perceived through the lens. It is that combination of being acutely aware and having the ability to clarify what is right before me that makes me passionate about art and love what I do.

Explore Susan’s Work

Susan began her painting career in 2005 and since then her work has been evolving. Recently, she has ventured into digital art, and even though her technique remains somewhat paramount, Susan’s conceptual approach and the nuances of her artwork have been shifting towards becoming a more sophisticated medium.